Getting Started

Welcome to SMS Alerts. You are just steps away from sending SMS Alerts to your customers!

Plugin/Extension Installation

    Wordpress Installation
  1. Go to plugins page of wordpress on search for "SMS Alerts".
  2. From search result, select our plugin and install into your wordpress store.
  3. Once plugin installed and activated successfully, you can reach our plugin settings by going to "Settings" > "SMS Alerts".

  4. Magento 1.9/2.0 Installation
  5. Go to Magento market place on and search for "SMS Alerts".
  6. From search result, select our extension for Magento 1 or Magento 2. Add to cart > Go to Checkout > Place Order > Download
  7. Once extension installed and activated successfully, you can reach our extension settings by going to "SMS Alerts" > "Settings".

    Magento 1.9

    Magento 2.0

  8. On settings page, you will need to enter "Merchant ID" and "Access Key" which you can get after registering your store within our app here.

  9. During registration of store in app, you will get option to either opt for our 14 days trial (with trial quota of 50 sms) or select any plan out of several offered by us according to the customer target countries selected by you.

    Note : Number of SMS Credit depends on selected customer location

  10. Once you registered your store within our app after login, you can get your "Merchant ID" and "Access Key" by going to setting page in our app here.

  11. Entering required Merchant ID and Access Key in wordpress plugin settings will let you or your customers receive sms for order related events you selected on settings page.

Promotional SMS

The objective of this feature is to promote your product or services (like New launches, discounts, etc.) via SMSs. With this new feature you can Inform your existing Customers about the Upcoming Offers.

The steps to getting started and Sending Bulk Promotional SMS are very simple. You can form a group of customers from Promotional SMS section and then Start sending or Scheduling Messages by setting up a campaign.

Note: Send SMS to India due to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) Regulations, this feature will not work between 08:00PM to 09:00AM.

Transactional SMS

Step 1

Set phone number as a required field while checking out on your wordpress store. This will ensure users to fill in their contact number and get SMS alerts!

Step 2

You can also create a custom template from the My Templates section as per your business needs.

Step 3

Visit the Settings section to set up several settings for your app. You can also setup your store name here. You can change the status from 'Start' to 'Pause' to deactivate sms feature. You can select order events on which you would like to send sms to customers.

Note that the number of SMS allowed to be sent will depend on the plan (go to Plans section for more details) you have selected while opting this App and don't worry you will always be.

Step 4

The Notify Me section is specifically added to keep you updated about the details of the order received. The notification is sent to your number(s) registered with the service.

You can add up to 10 numbers to your account to receive the order notification.The Notify Me feature also helps the Shop Owner keep track of SMS that is being sent to the users. Please note that numbers should be of your country which you have registered within our app for your personal profile.

To start using this smart notification tool, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Locate “Notify Me” in the menu
  • Click on “Notify Me”
  • If the button is Green, it means the Notify Me service is enabled. If the button is Red, click on it to activate the Notify Me service
  • Add up to 10 mobile numbers in the text box labelled “Mobile Number”
  • Select any template from the given options
  • Click “Save”

Note: The Notify Me service will use SMS credits from your account.