Privacy Policy SMS Alerts

Using SMS Alerts is subject to the terms and conditions put down in below Terms of Service or “The Terms of Service”

We advise you to go through our Terms of Service carefully. By accessing or using SMS Alerts App, you consent that you have read, perceived, understood, and agree to all the terms and conditions of privacy policy and the terms of service. In case you do not abode by or do not agree these terms, please leave this page and do not access or use the application or the website.

In case you access or use the app on behalf of an organization, business, company, or any other entity, then-

1. “You (you)” means you and the entity, and

2. You signify and approve or warrant that you are authorized to allow all licenses and permissions included in these Terms and add the entity to given Terms, and you consent to these Terms on the behalf of the entity.

You consent to integrate SMS Alerts’ policies into your products and policies and make sure that your customers abide by our policies. In case you are agreeing these terms of service on your employer or other entity’s behalf, you represent and permit that-

a. You have complete legal authorization to add your employer, or the related entity, to mentioned Terms of Service;

b. You have read and understood the Terms of Service; and

c. You consent on the behalf of the party (employer, company, organization, business) that you represent, to given Terms of Service. In case you do not have the legal authorization or permission to add your employer or the related entity, please do not check the “I AGREE” checkbox.

Updates to Terms and Conditions (Terms of Service)

We reserve the right to modify, change or update the Terms of Service without any prior notification to you. By checking or putting a checkmark next to “I AGREE” checkbox and submitting or clicking on the “SUBMIT” button or keep on accessing and using the website or application after the Terms or Service are changed, updated or modified, you consent to these modifications. Henceforth, you should carefully check or review the Terms of Service before using the SMS Alerts.

Downtime, Security

Your use or access of the Services may be halted or postponed for unforeseen or unscheduled downtime or inaccessibility of any part or all of the Services for any given reason(s), including-

  • An outcome of the power outages
  • System failures or due to other interruptions and

We shall also be authorized, with no liability or accountability to you, to suspend, stop or shut down all the Services anytime (i) for planned or scheduled downtime to grant us to carry out maintenance or make any changes or modifications to any given Services; (ii) in the case of a denial of service attack or other occurrences on the Services or other cases that we decide, in our sole decision, may cause a threat to the Services, to you or to any of our other users if the Services were not stopped or suspended; or (iii) in the case that we decide that any of the Services is banned by applicable law or we otherwise decide that it’s needed or necessary to do so for lawful reasons (altogether, “Service Suspensions”).

SMS Alerts shall not be liable, responsible or accountable for any damage, losses (including but not limited to data loss or profits) or any after-effects that may occur as an outcome of Service Suspension. Wherever it will be possible, we will try to notify you of any Service Suspension and to provide updates regarding recommencement of the Services or any suspension, however we shall have no accountability for the way in which we may provide or fail to provide.

We endeavour to keep your detail safe but cannot guarantee. You agree that you are accountable for adequate security, backup and protection of your content along with all audio recordings related to your account. Our company will have no obligation to you for any illegal, unauthorized or unlawful access or use, deletion, corruption, or loss of your all or any detail or content.

Messages are considered to have been delivered when we sent the message(s) to the direct destination that our application is programmed for along with API and SMS gateway services that are estimated to be the point of dispatch for the message(s).

Please take into account that although we put our best efforts to send messages as soon as possible,they may be delivered late owing to network traffic. This may still show the message being “delivered”.

SMS Alerts services are based on multisms gateway to send SMS and we shall not be held accountable for undelivered or delayed message(s).

Any fraudulent activity or attack on your application or website occurred as a result of SMS Alerts usage, then this will be your own obligation. SMS Alerts cannot be held responsible for such attack(s). Further, you shall pay all costs with regard to the use of our services in full. SMS Alerts within its ability and accountability will support you in the need of a legal verification.

By using SMS Alerts services, you hereby allow us to use your trademarks, logos, trade names, domain names, service marks for promotion and/or advertisement with regard to the use of SMS Alerts services. Further, SMS Alerts may send requests for testimonials and case studies, for the sole purpose of public relations and joint marketing. These will be published on our website and shared with existing as well as potential customer base.

The user shall be accountable for procuring and maintaining all computer software, hardware and communication peripherals or equipment necessary to access the Products and/or Services and for disbursing all the chargeable access fees and charges (for example, telecommunications, ISP) incurred due to the use of Products and/or Services.

Moreover, below given lists offers examples of abusive, interfering, illegal or otherwise offensive or unacceptable behaviour while using SMS Alerts.

  • Reverse-engineering or testing the services so as to come across vulnerabilities, limitations or dodge filtering capabilities.
  • Trying to breach or bypass any security mechanism that may pose a threat or service risk to SMS Alerts, its services or any of our customers.
  • Using our Services in any way that may cause SMS Alerts or any third party to damage, liability or threat.
  • Producing or otherwise collecting information of other Users including email addresses without user consent, harassing, transmitting any illegal or abusing threatening, obscene, harmful or otherwise objectionable material of any nature or kind.
  • Indulging in activities or sharing/spreading any information through our Services that may be defamatory or otherwise harmful to any entity, person, or discriminatory in terms of disability, age, sex, race, nationality, sexual orientation, or religion.
  • Advertising or engaging in unlawful activities.
  • Involve in any activity that SMS Alerts could consider may subject it to illegal or criminal liability or civil judgment or penalty.
  • The use of Services in any way related to any junk SMS, chain letter, spam or any unsought message(s) commercial or otherwise.

Contact to report any violations of this Terms and Conditions.